Cultivating Academic Excellence with an Islamic Ethos

AGS delivers the Cambridge International Curriculum to Saudi Arabian and international students, Grades KG – 9. Student attainment is assessed at the end of each level of every Grade, and the school is moving toward awarding internationally recognised certificates to the students at year 6, year 9 and in the secondary level (OL & AL) offering access to many prestigious Universities in the world. Currently based on three campuses, the bilingual private schools, one for kindergarten students and one for primary students, are committed to deliver a progressive, innovative curriculum while emphasising mastery of Arabic and the application of Islam in daily life.

A Child’s learning environment is a key factor to educational progress and development. That is why AGS ensures that both our staff and facilities meet the highest standards required by a premiere educational institution. State of the art facilities are matched by an experienced, qualified teaching staff and leadership team, committed to providing a unique blend of Arab and Western expertise.

AGS believes pastoral care is paramount to building the skills needed in each student to reach full potential. The school model provides an English speaking homeroom teacher for the integrated learning of English, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies, and a Saudi homeroom teacher for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and KSA Social Studies. Specialists provide for the Visual Arts, Physical Education, Media Science and French, specialist lessons. Our motto, “Creative Minds Do Not Think Alike” represents a commitment to deliver teaching and learning programmes that emphasise inquiry, curiosity, comprehension, problem solving and creativity – personal and application skills to face the 21st Century!