Registration Department

We welcome your interest in Advanced Generations International School as a school of choice for your child.

Admission Outline

AGS is an educational organisation driven by professional benchmarks and a culture focussed on outstanding student performance, achievement and preparation for a lifetime of success. All students are eligible for admission into the Advanced Generations International School if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs. AGS does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, colour, gender, religion or national origin and seeks to accept all qualified students who apply.

All applicants for places at AGS will be required, if appropriate, to take an age-related placement assessment to ensure that they are ready for the high-quality education on offer. The child and parent will be interviewed by the appropriate Head of Section).

When considering placing a child, the school will review the information provided by the child, parents, evidence from the previous school (school reports), the placement assessment, results from the interviews, medical forms information and any other information that has been provided. Placement in all classes will be done by the Head of Section. The initial placement is tentative, and the school may reassess the child’s placement after the child’s abilities have been thoroughly observed in class or through additional testing.The registration fees or payment does not guarantee a child’s place until confirmed with a letter of offer.

Initial enquiries regarding the school can be made via the online enquiry form which can be accessed via this website. After an enquiry is submitted and received, the Registrar will assist parents with the completion of an online registration process. Once the registration has been completed and all documentation required has been received, the conditional enrolment process may begin.

Our Curriculum

  • Cambridge Curriculum (IGCSE) + Arabic curriculum (Ministry of Education Books) for all Grade KG1 – Grade 12 
  • American Curriculum + Arabic Curriculum (Ministry of Education Books) for Grade 9-12

Conditions & Registration Requirements

  1. Completed Registration Form.
  2. Copy of the Child’s Birth Certificate.
  3. Copy of Immunization Certificate.
  4. Copy of family card. (Saudi Citizen).
  5. Copy of father’s ID card (Saudi Citizen).
  6. Copy of mother’s ID card (Saudi Citizen).
  7. Copy of student’s ID card (if available) (Saudi Citizen).
  8. Copy of father’s passport.
  9. Copy of mother’s passport.
  10. Copy of student’s passport.
  11. Copy of father’s renewed Iqama (non Saudi).
  12. Copy of mother’s renewed Iqama (non Saudi).
  13. Copy of student’s renewed Iqama (non Saudi).
  14. Copy of Student’s academic certificate of the previous two years from his previous school.
  15. If the Student’s academic certificate from abroad must be attested by the Cultural Attache’s office of the Saudi Embassy (Only Last Report Card)
  16. Copy of Student’s behaviour report from previous school
  17. 2 Passport sized photo of the student.
  18. Signing school contract.
  19. Signing school regulatory policy.
  20. Copy of Proof of fees settlement from previous school.

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