Welcome to AGS Kindergarten

On the first day of kindergarten, your child officially becomes a student! It’s an exciting transition as young learners blend the playing, singing, and craft-making from preschool with more writing, reading, and math lessons. We ensure that our kindergarteners get used to school routines, practice working together in groups to build teamwork and sharing skills — and learn how to be successful students for years to come.

Our kindergarten classrooms are typically organised by different subjects and various types of play.

The KG school team are passionate about empowering our youngest and most enthusiastic students to become lifelong learners where they can be creative, inquiring and fully engaged in the world around them.

Subjects taught in Kindergarten 1,2 & 3.

Personal, social, emotional development

Physical development

Communication and language



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design

Ministry required subjects taught


Islamic Studies (Quran)

Arabic Social Studies

Welcome to AGS Kindergarten. Our AGS Kindergarten is comprised of its own purpose built facility on Amir Sultan Rd. not far from the Boys and Girls campuses.

The AGS Kindergarten provides a nurturing, educational facility that fosters academic achievement, enhanced creativity, personal development, life skills and an Islamic identity for children between two and a half and six years of age.

Each academic year we are able to provide up to ten classes in the KG school, where each class has a maximum of 22 students. AGS ensures that each class has a Homeroom Teacher that is responsible for the academic core subjects and pastoral care of each individual child.

KG1, KG2 and KG3 programs are offered; these provide a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to prepare students for primary education.

The AGS KG school team is passionate about empowering its youngest and enthusiastic students to become life-long learners, to be creative, curious and fully engaged in the world around them.

The kindergarten has a library, Art room, Atrium for plays and assemblies, a swimming pool to teach early swim skill, a covered indoor and outdoor play areas and modern well-resourced classrooms.

Our Facilities

Air-conditioned Basketball Courts

15-m Indoor Swimming Pool

25-m Indoor Swimming Pool

Green Pitch

Fully-equipped Gymnasiums

Fully-equipped Fitness Room


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