Welcome to AGS Girls School

Welcome to AGS Girls School, a vibrant learning community with two swimming pools, 2 gyms, large bright well-resourced classrooms, fully outfitted science labs and a full teaching library stocked with thousands of books and IT resources to support student learning.

Grades 1 – 5 students study Cambridge Primary curriculum and grades 6 -8 study Cambridge Secondary 1. September 2016 saw the introduction of our IGCSE program where students take a mix of ‘IG subjects’ in order to prepare for studies at universities worldwide. Throughout the school the focus on academic excellence and Islamic values is in evidence.

Recreational Facilities

Air-conditioned Basketball Courts
15-m Covered Swimming Pool
25-m Covered Swimming Pool
Green Pitch
Fully-equipped Gymnasiums
Fully-equipped Fitness Roomicon_pool

School Activities

Swimming, Football, Badminton, Basketball  –  It’s a good sport for health.

The Qur’anic tales:  Looking at stories from people of the past and learning from them.

Puppet making :  Students will learn the skills to make their own toys.

French:  Students will learn the basics of the French language.

Homework club:  Students will do their school homework during their activity.

Handmade jewelry:  To learn and explore bending and jewelry making.

Drama: To develop acting skills.

Origami:  Students will learn the art of paper folding.

Math games:  Students will learn mathematics skills through educational games.

Lego: The formation of Lego pieces.

Sketching and craft:  Developing talents and creative abilities.

Recycle:    To review the concept of reuse, reduce and recycling. And produce new products by using papers, plastic, glass and metal.

Fitness, Gymnastics:  Promoting physical activity “A healthy body has a healthy brain”.

Library: Developing the intellectual and mental skills through reading, analyzing, reasoning and Concluding.

Crochet & Knitting:  Knitting and sewing using needles.


As of September 2016, the boys have moved to a brand new, purpose built, state of the art campus across the road. This move will allow for expansion and improved IT.