We believe that a child’s learning environment is a key factor to educational progress and development; this is why AGS ensures that both our staff and facilities meet the highest standards. The state-of-the-art facilities are matched by an experienced, qualified teaching staff and leadership team, committed to providing a unique blend of international expertise.

As a premier school in the private school environment we are able to offer some of the best facilities in the country. Modern purpose built educational buildings that cater for different ages, genders and programme needs, are at the forefront of our thinking. We seek to provide for our student’s academic talents and social development.

The KG students are in a separate architecturally designed building with facilities and dimensions specific to preschool requirements.

Our facilities in the four campuses include: Over 300 classrooms

Labs for all of the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

  • Labs for Visual Arts
  • Robotics room
  • Virtual Reality room
  • A fully functional kitchen
  • 9 IT rooms
  • 6 Swimming pools
  • 5 Libraries (Resources Centres)
  • Multiple prayer rooms
  • Basketball courts
  • Playgrounds with equipment
  • Auditoriums
  • 6 Gymnasiums
  • An international sized astro-pitch for football
  • An athletic stadium with running track
  • A weight training room for boys
  • Multiple canteens
  • Examination rooms
  • School Medical Clinics
  • Agriculture rooms
  • Activities workshops
  • Informal seating areas
  • Lecture halls
  • Art rooms

Health and Safety

School Clinics

Students’ physical and mental health is directly associated with their academic success and social growth. AGS gives prime importance to health and safety of the students.

We have 5 fully operational school clinics staffed by 2 doctors and 3 nurses who are experienced and certified first aid providers. Our clinics are well equipped with oxygen cylinders, nebulisers, sphygmomanometers, glucometers, stretchers and wheel chairs for emergency purposes, clinic couches, emergency bags, sharp containers and refrigerator to store medicines etc.

To ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all AGS students, the school has procedures in case of student illness, accident, or injury which are strictly followed by our school medical staff. The health care providers are responsible for day to day, comprehensive health care management which includes:

AGS corridors, gyms, swimming pools, libraries, science labs and auditorium are equipped with first aid boxes containing all the basic first aid supplies.

If you have any concerns about health and wellbeing of your child, please feel free to come and speak to the doctor or nurse of your child’s section or share your concern through an email.



Our school is always keen to provide healthy food services for our students, serving hot lunches daily.

We maintain to provide the students a comfortable atmosphere to purchase and eat their lunches.

This is a paid service and students require cash to purchase food if they do not bring a packed lunch. The canteens offer healthy options for snacks and lunches. We do not allow fast foods to be sold or sent as a lunch, or birthday parties without prior notice to reduce any impact on the teaching and learning.

All students should bring a healthy morning snack and a water bottle to school each day. To avoid any allergic reactions of other students in the classroom or school, parents are requested not to provide snacks containing nuts or nut products (eg Peanut butter, Nutella etc).

Regular inspections of all cafeterias take place to ensure that they meet the food safety standards.


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