School Community

Advanced Generation International School (AGS) is a private international school with the main campus located in the coastal Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. AGS was established in 2008 and registered under the KSA’s Ministry of Education. The school serves students from Kindergarten to grade 12. Secondary School students can choose from two rigorous curricula: The British IGCSE and A-Levels or the American Program. The primary language of instruction is English except for the national identity subjects – Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Social Studies- and French. English and Arabic are taught across all levels while French is mandatory up to eighth grade but optional in high school.

Accreditations & Affiliations

AGS is currently accredited by the following Ministry and International Organisations

  • Saudi Ministry of Education License
  • American International Accreditation Association (AIAA) – accredited
  • Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)
  • SAT College Board Member

 AGS is in the process of becoming an authorised school with AdvancED – partner school

The Students

AGS has over 2000 students most of whom are trilingual with an excellent command of English and Arabic and adequate levels of French. Most students at AGS are Saudi citizens, and a good number of them hold dual citizenships. AGS values well-rounded students and to this end the school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities.

The Staff

AGS employs over 100 highly qualified international staff members from many different countries. The majority hold Master’s degrees with many years of international teaching experience.

The Curricula

AGS is licensed to deliver both the US and the UK curricula. During their formative years and up to Key Stage 3, all AGS students follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum; French language, Art, and PE are also mandatory at this level. All students at AGS (up to grade 12) are also taught the three national identity subjects as per the Ministry of Education’s requirements: Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Social Studies. At the end of grade 8, the students select between two rigorous curricula:

The Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level Programme is availablefor all students who successfully complete eighth grade. In grades 9 and 10. All students must take the national identity subjects as well as Math, PE, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students could then add additional optional subjects:

  1. English as a 1st or as a 2nd Language
  2. ICT or French or Business

Upon successfully passing a minimum of six Cambridge IGCSE examinations, students then commence with their A Levels. All students study the national identity subjects as well as English, Math and PE along with an additional two subjects:

  1. Chemistry or Business
  • Biology or Physics

Students must successfully pass 3 full A Level subjects.

The American Programme is available for all students whosuccessfully complete eighth grade. The course is modelled on a traditional four-year high school program beginning in grade 9. The required courses are the national identity subjects, math, English, PE, chemistry, physics, and biology in addition to two optional subjects:

  1. French or History
  • ICT or Business

Students following both streams must also pass the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national exams in grades 11 and 12. The school year is divided into two academic terms.

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