Support Teaching

The School Academic Learning Support Programme provides academic instruction and support beyond the scope of the regular classroom. The academic staff work jointly with the students, their families, and faculty to develop effective means for helping students. The services offered are available to all students, both individually and within small groups. Individual instruction helps students to develop personal learning plans with strategies based on their learning profiles. We believe that small group instruction helps strengthen academic skills. Creative thinking and problem solving methodologies are utilised to help support and develop student learning in a collaborative learning environment which focuses on increasing comprehension, organisation, and retention of material.

Student Advisory Department

The Student Advisory Department aims to provide students of AGS with the necessary information on available university majors and give advice to our students in order to make informed and sensible choices for their tertiary educational phase. This is done through research, the provision of information and advisory services and the constant contact with universities and college stakeholders. and other professional services.

The student advisors meet with parents and students know their interest and to discuss their career pathway ambitions. They would guide students to university courses based on their grades and abilities, preparing them for admission to top competitive universities. Also, they ensure that the student have the right qualifications to apply to their selected major. Training sessions are offered on how to write personal statements and how to complete university applications for the UK, USA and Canada amongst others.

Portfolios are prepared for each student including reference letters to support their applications. Application processes are tracked by the student advisors who provide constant reminders of deadline dates via emails.

We arrange local visits to universities and colleges and for universities representatives to come to our school from across the globe to assist our students in their decision making processes.

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